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Focus on being interested, not in being interesting: don't try to show off, fake anything, or do anything crazy.Think about how nice it us to meet someone who just smiles at you, seems to like you, and seems interested in what you have to say without competing, bragging, or being a douche. Even if you don't have success (which I think you will, with time), you will be gaining social skills with every person you message. The right person won't care if you haven't been in a relationship or have social anxiety--that was the case for me!

Edit: About the worry over never having dated a girl before I had similar worry except mine was that the girl wouldn't like me when she found out I was a 20 year old virgin. Not so much on the 26yo-never-dated-anybody thing, but I would like to met some girl that can relate on how is like being shy/introverted. I think the emotional connection is more important than physical attraction.

They could have used pictures of shy people who can still look attractive.

Welcome to our reviews of the anxiety and dating (also known as sims hot date).

Don't actually ask the questions in a list, but have a few things you know you can ask about, and think of what you would say if she asked "how about you? The chances of you meeting someone you want to marry on the first try is slim, so think of it as a chance just to practice getting to know someone.

If you don't want to, you never have to see her again, so you can fuck up completely and not really lose anything by trying.

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