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Michael, who does not pick up on several hints that Holly has given him (about attending the concert with her), purchases the tickets from her and rips them to pieces.

Michael and Holly sharply disagree when they discover during an ethics training that Meredith has been trading sex-for supplies (and Outback Steakhouse coupons); Michael feels that this is a boost to sales that Corporate would agree with while Holly believes it violates company policy.

Though initially pleased when corporate takes his side, Michael is dismayed when Corporate HR berates and humiliates her over the phone, having turned a rote seminar into an investigation.

Michael rallies the office to complete the seminar and sign the ethics acknowledgement, which restores good feelings between Holly and Michael.

After different challenges, she and Michael move to Colorado, marry and start a family together.

Holly buys tickets for Counting Crows, but the yoga instructor doesn't call her.It is also revealed that she is dating one of the salesmen there, A. David Wallace lets Holly and Michael do a skit about the history of Dunder Mifflin; the two decide to do a skit that spoofs Slumdog Millionaire.J., which deeply upsets Michael and makes him unable to do his presentation; he ultimately breaks down and asks her boyfriend about Holly in front of everyone before leaving. The presentation goes horribly and gets worse when they reveal that the Buffalo branch is closing down, much to everyone's surprise.This, in addition to feeling no connection with Jan's baby, prompts Michael to apologetically hug Holly and ask her out on a date, which she accepts, visibly moved.Holly and Michael date, and on their third date have sex in the office (inadvertently leading to the break-in at the office).

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