Am dating wrong guy

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Yeah, meeting parents can be very awkward, but it's a must if you guys are going to have a long future together. Obviously, he could be doing this because he's socially awkward, or he could be doing this because he has something to hide.If he always asks to reschedule or if he isn't on his best behavior in front of your parents, then it's time to get a new guy. Just make sure you know him inside and out before introducing him to the other people in your life.It's not necessarily a sign he doesn't care about you; it's more about him not thinking that way because he may have a lot going on in his own life.Remember, if you ever feel in danger or emotionally abused in a relationship, then you need to get help.

Breaking up with them doesn't scare you You feel like you’re going to be just fine with or without them. He may still feel too much like a kid to get married.Marriage is a big commitment, and he may want to get some more life experience before signing away the rest of his life with someone.As long as he doesn't curse in front of my family, I'm fine with cursing. However, if you don't like it when he swears, then he should stop when you ask him.It's not nice to censor people, but if they're making you feel afraid or threatened, then you should definitely voice your opinion.

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