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Their investments include sports betting, mining, high yield investments, forex and crypto trading.If an invesment portfolio is not bringing in the expected profits they will shut it off and invest into something else, so they are constantly monitoring the profits that the company obtains.

External income: once funds are brought into the company from packs rented by members, the funds are placed into a portfolio and invested into other programs to gain a profit on the investment for members. Diversity Fund owner is very transparent and list the companies where they have invested the money and the return or loss on the investment.

I love this program because of the transparency of the owner/admin and the stability and positive possibilities it presents to its members.

Diversity Fund was created because the owner wanted a better and more stable way for people to earn money online.

My Conclusion: Diversity Fund has a lot of similarities to a revenue sharing site; however they claim to be a crowd-funding or profit sharing program.

Diversity Fund has proven itself to be a stable program for the past 2 years and considering the statistics on it's website it appears that it will remain that way.

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