Advice for men dating single moms

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But, as any single parent will tell you, the reality of dating is quite a bit different.

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As a tear-jerking diversion from reality and a plausible excuse to eat frozen cookie dough right out of the tube, such movies are top-notch.

Dating Advice for Single Parents Don’t make your date feel like you’ve had to go to the ends of the earth just to go to dinner with him.

Droning on and on about how tough it is to find a good babysitter, or how your daughter screamed for thirty-eight straight minutes before you left is not going to give your date the impression that he’s worth the effort, instead he’ll think that getting you out of the house for date number two would just be too much work. Don’t spend the entire date talking about your kids.

One single dad told me, “I’ve got a great job, but once you suck out the expenses for two complete households, I might as well be flipping burgers.” Add to that the date-scheduling challenge (every other weekend and alternate Tuesdays) of custody arrangements, having to cancel at the last minute because a babysitter doesn’t show, and being physically and emotionally spent (and possibly covered in cheerios) before your date has even begun.

The good news for recently divorced women is that the odds of meeting someone new are actually in your favor.

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