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Using a capsule hotel for her base, she trawled the streets of Tokyo for almost a year, following rumours of secret army bases and crack miniature troops. He taught them all languages including sign and lip-reading. Their skills were endless." Noodle was the star pupil and the most favoured by Mr. He also gave each child a special individual skill of their own. Her specialised instrument was guitar, but young Noodle was so gifted she became completely fluent in all instruments.

These snatches of stories seem to stir something within her. But it was as a junior fighting militia where the kids really excelled.

But 2D had always been a little naive, and as usual, it got him into some strange situations. Sometimes, it comes in the form of an Astra barreling through the window of your workplace and knocking you into a catatonic state. A retelling of the entire story of Gorillaz and 2doc, full of my own personal headcanons and based on canonical information. If relationships say a lot about us, what Stuart can assume about himself is that he must be a problematic creature; after all.

Stuart meets an odd, crude, sex addict and somewhat eccentric man named Murdoc Niccals. He had a grin on his face only comparable to a gremlin who just found a double dog dish with water and food at AM. Since Murdoc has escaped from jail, he finds himself involved with the two most aggressive, evilest and most sarcastic men he has ever had contact with.

One to remember who they were; their pasts and their training as soldiers.

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He carefully avoided gooey emotions like the plague it was, but when he's alone all he can think of is 2D.

Just a super sweet, emotional first time between an angel who fell from Heaven and a demon who thought he'd lost the only thing that made Hell a home. As a result he becomes conflicted with the new feelings blooming for his music teacher, while his teacher struggles to get the shy teen to open up and let his voice shine.

Noodle is a fictional Japanese British musician, singer, and member of the British virtual band Gorillaz.

While in a restaurant, she regained her lost memory after hearing the words 'ocean bacon'. Kyuzo, who was working as the head chef in the restaurant.

Kyuzo helped her make sense of her lost memories: Noodle is, in fact, part of a secret government super soldier project, trained specially as a musician.

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